A Peruvian Farmer’s Market

I am traveling and working in Peru right now.  What a delight it has been!  I am living with a family who takes care of my meals and I asked Ana, the woman who prepares the food, if she would take me to the market. Last Saturday I had the pleasure to accompany her to her local farmer’s market to buy the food for the week.  Her trek is similar to my trek every Saturday morning in Laguna Beach…well…almost.   The first few stands looked quite similar to my market, but I can never find pineapples or bananas. Then I saw the cheese…just laying there…out in the open.  I am […]

When You Can Not Breastfeed

Kim Simon went through lactation hell and shared it in The Huffington Post here.  She could not make enough breast milk for her baby and she tried everything.  And I mean everything.  Not being able to make milk is not that common, but it does happen.  Someone, perhaps a lactation consultant, should have told her to stop breastfeeding and helped her to transition to formula. Two weeks ago, before this article was published, I gave a talk to a group of doulas.  I told them that when it comes to the pediatric nutrition work I do, kids come first.  When I am lactation consulting… MOMS ALWAYS COME FIRST.  If I see […]

I’ve Had it With the Soccer Snacks

I just wrote a letter to the editor in the Laguna Beach local paper. I hope they publish it.  If you are frustrated with the snacks being brought to your kids’ soccer field (or any other sporting event), send this blog along to others, write your own piece or speak up in your individual organizations. If Michelle Obama, Jaime Oliver or Michael Pollan knew what was going on with the soccer snacks American parents are bringing to their kids’ games, they would be horrified. Dear Editor:   Every week this fall a different parent in Laguna Beach has complained to me about the snacks other parents are bringing to the […]

One Small Step: Prader Willi Syndrome

If you do not know what Prader-Willi Syndrome is… please learn about it here.  My families that have children diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome are some of the most amazing people I know and I am honored to take care of them. In an effort to raise funds for research there are walks scheduled all over the world called One Step Small Step.  Click here for more information and consider a donation to help fund much needed research. I was asked to prepare a handout for all participants at a walk scheduled for next weekend in the south.  I wanted to share it with you.  The information is general healthy eating for everyone so […]

Here Comes the Halloween Candy

I love this time of year.  You want to know why?  I love everything about the pumpkin.  I love how it looks. I love how it tastes.  And I love roasted pumpkin seeds with all that flavor, fiber, zinc and Vitamin E.  It’s a dietitian’s dream snack. Let’s be honest.  Not all snacks in October are chock full of nutrients.  With pumpkins comes Halloween and with Halloween comes….CANDY!  Because I work in the kid nutrition business parents frequently ask me,  “How do I handle candy at Halloween?”.  You have to do what is comfortable for you and your home.  Here is a sampling of what many of the families I meet do: 1.)  Let them eat […]

Sugary Snacks

Are your kids playing soccer this fall? What is the snack situation? Are families signing up to bring snacks to each game? Get ready.  It can be a festival of sugar;  sugar your kids do not need. I wrote this blog last year on the topic. Keeping Sugar Off The Field If you want to take action in your town, take a look at this example of how to make a change. The soccer fields aren’t the only problem.  A mom brought piled high frosted cupcakes to my daughter’s gymnastics class yesterday.  That’s about 200 calories (maybe more) that post-cartwheeling kids do not need.  Oh…and then there were lollipops […]

Calories in the Classroom

Parents are frustrated with schools.  And I am not referring to the math, science or reading curriculum.  I am referring to the food brought into the classroom for students.  With dozens of kids in a class, there sure are a lot of birthdays to celebrate during a nine month school year.   Don’t forget about Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter.  What a load of sugar!  I don’t care if the kids are thin, there are too many calories in the classroom;  calories kids don’t need.  I propose that all American school celebrations be non-caloric. Here is how it works: BIRTHDAYS: Ask the birthday kid to bring a favorite new book with intentions of donating it to the school library.  Special stickers can […]

New York Times Article: Parents of Picky Eaters: It’s Not Your Fault

Have you read this article? If you have a picky eater, read it. Do you feel the same way Ms. Lucianovic feels? She makes some excellent points about picky eaters, but truth be told I felt sad after I read it. I don’t want Ms. Lucianovic or any other parent of a picky eater to feel the way she describes, but I know they do. More often than not parents of picky eaters who see me for the first time cry. They are exhausted, confused and worried about the nutritional health of their children. I offer them hope, support and a plan.   And the majority of the time there is […]

I Love a Good Breakfast

There are two reasons why my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  First, I’m about the biggest omelet and pancake fan around.  Second, breakfast provides some wonderful opportunities to insert important vitamins, minerals and fiber from fruits and vegetables for your family.    Kids may be more accepting of certain fruits and vegetables when they become part of some basic breakfast fare. Try these ideas: 1.)  EGGS:  Scramble eggs with spinach and cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms or avocado and lean ham. 2.)  PANCAKES:  Whip up whole wheat pancakes with a sprinkle of ground flax seeds.  Add blueberries, bananas or sweet potato (Sweet potato pancakes are divine!  Make them this week.) […]

Alton Brown’s Sockeye Salmon

June 10, 2012 Dear Mr. Alton Brown, I owe you a big thanks.  For years I have bought sockeye salmon and have tried numerous times to cook that darn fish the right way. I failed miserably until I found your Broiled Sockeye Salmon with Citrus Glaze.  THIS RECIPE IS DELICIOUS! So thanks a bunch.  If you have any questions related to kids’ nutrition like picky eating, food allergies, or weight management, you just let me know.  I owe you big time for the recipe. Best, Melanie R. Silverman MS, RD, IBCLC