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A Letter to Your Kids’ School

A Letter to Your Kids’ School

I wrote this letter for The Huffington Post because it is time for change.  Parents all over the country are frustrated and upset about the amount of sugar being handed to their kids at school.  And these are reasonable parents who understand and practice moderation in how they feed themselves and their kids.  Every celebration at school involves some sort of cupcake, cookie or candy.  And with about 25 kids per classroom, that is a lot of sugar handed to kids throughout the school year for birthday celebrations alone.  There are plenty of non-caloric ways to celebrate kids.We need a lot of foot soldiers to solve our nutritional issues in America.  If […]

A Huffington Post Article on Soccer Snack Insanity

A few days ago The Huffington Post published an article I wrote here about the snacks parents are bringing kids after their games.  C’mon folks!  Why all the sugar after soccer?  This is something that has to end and can with your help.  I am sending letters to my local soccer group to set standards on what can be brought to our fields. I encourage you to do the same.  Feel free to use the article I wrote as help and support for your message.  Parents that would never think about stuffing themselves with sugar after their workout should insure their kids aren’t either.

Soccer Snack Response

This is a terrific letter I received from a parent about the letter to the editor I wrote in the Laguna Beach Independent this week. —————————————————————————————– Melanie, Great letter in the Indy this week,  I really appreciate you taking a public stance on this topic. I have always despised snack time for many reasons–garbage, kids care more about the snack than the game, etc.I’d like to change the attitude and focus of the “Parent Snack” in all sports.  Instead of it being viewed as a treat for after the game I want the snack to be a source of energy and hydration during the game.  Your recommendation for fresh fruits […]

C’mon! Soccer Snacks!!!

Youth soccer season is in full force.  Along with shin guards and shiny uniforms our kids are getting snacks and plenty of them.  If the snacks were fresh fruit and water, I wouldn’t be complaining.  Parents are complaining to me all over the country about other parents who are bringing cupcakes, candy, donuts, brownies and sugar laden juices.  Pumping our kids full of sugar after soccer is a physiologic mistake and sends the wrong message to our kids about taking care of their bodies post exercise.    If snacks are to continue, all leagues should set a “fresh fruit and bring your own water policy” to stop our kids from refueling […]

Calories in the Classroom

Parents are frustrated with schools.  And I am not referring to the math, science or reading curriculum.  I am referring to the food brought into the classroom for students.  With dozens of kids in a class, there sure are a lot of birthdays to celebrate during a nine month school year.   Don’t forget about Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter.  What a load of sugar!  I don’t care if the kids are thin, there are too many calories in the classroom;  calories kids don’t need.  I propose that all American school celebrations be non-caloric. Here is how it works: BIRTHDAYS: Ask the birthday kid to bring a favorite new book with intentions of donating it to the school library.  Special stickers can […]