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New York Times Article: Parents of Picky Eaters: It’s Not Your Fault

Have you read this article? http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/09/parents-of-picky-eaters-its-not-your-fault/ If you have a picky eater, read it. Do you feel the same way Ms. Lucianovic feels? She makes some excellent points about picky eaters, but truth be told I felt sad after I read it. I don’t want Ms. Lucianovic or any other parent of a picky eater to feel the way she describes, but I know they do. More often than not parents of picky eaters who see me for the first time cry. They are exhausted, confused and worried about the nutritional health of their children. I offer them hope, support and a plan.   And the majority of the time there is […]