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What If I Moved In?

What If I Moved In?

(This blog post originally appeared on Huffington Post) After I teach my picky eater program in people’s offices, many parents ask (some beg) me to move into their homes. Lately, I’ve started thinking about a “break-your-picky-eater-from-the-inside” job. It wouldn’t be hard. I’d need about a week. Step One: What’s the problem? I’m going ask you about your picky eater, but truthfully, I already know what you’ll say. Chances are you are cooking two, three or four meals and snacks to get the kid “to just eat something.” I’m almost positive you have distracted, negotiated, begged or bribed your kid to eat because sending him or her off to bed without dinner […]

A Huffington Post Article on Soccer Snack Insanity

A few days ago The Huffington Post published an article I wrote here about the snacks parents are bringing kids after their games.  C’mon folks!  Why all the sugar after soccer?  This is something that has to end and can with your help.  I am sending letters to my local soccer group to set standards on what can be brought to our fields. I encourage you to do the same.  Feel free to use the article I wrote as help and support for your message.  Parents that would never think about stuffing themselves with sugar after their workout should insure their kids aren’t either.

A Peruvian Nutrition Clinic

For the past two weeks I forged ahead alone far, far away from our house (an hour walk there and back) to the nutrition clinic where I worked with a Peruvian nutritionist.  Before I went, I was looking forward to the experience and had done some research on the nutritional issues in Cusco.  I knew iron deficiency anemia was a huge problem.  Being here six weeks, I could now see why.  We have been pumped with so much rice, corn and potatoes that it isn’t even funny anymore.  The clinic is called MONET and basically is like the American version of Early Intervention, WIC and a cooking class all in […]

A Peruvian Farmer’s Market

I am traveling and working in Peru right now.  What a delight it has been!  I am living with a family who takes care of my meals and I asked Ana, the woman who prepares the food, if she would take me to the market. Last Saturday I had the pleasure to accompany her to her local farmer’s market to buy the food for the week.  Her trek is similar to my trek every Saturday morning in Laguna Beach…well…almost.   The first few stands looked quite similar to my market, but I can never find pineapples or bananas. Then I saw the cheese…just laying there…out in the open.  I am […]

I Love a Good Breakfast

There are two reasons why my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  First, I’m about the biggest omelet and pancake fan around.  Second, breakfast provides some wonderful opportunities to insert important vitamins, minerals and fiber from fruits and vegetables for your family.    Kids may be more accepting of certain fruits and vegetables when they become part of some basic breakfast fare. Try these ideas: 1.)  EGGS:  Scramble eggs with spinach and cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms or avocado and lean ham. 2.)  PANCAKES:  Whip up whole wheat pancakes with a sprinkle of ground flax seeds.  Add blueberries, bananas or sweet potato (Sweet potato pancakes are divine!  Make them this week.) […]