Take a Seat

Peas of Mind in San Francisco, California asked me to write a blog for them and I gladly accepted. Thanks Jill!   Here is their website:   Here is the blog I wrote:   Take A Seat   We recently checked in with one of our biggest supporters, Melanie R. Silverman, a Registered Dietitian who specializes in pediatric nutritional care. We asked her what was on her mind these days. Her answer: “meal time” and here is what she had to say about it: Meal time behavior and manners is probably something you hope your child develops, but let’s be face it, on the big list of what […]

The Frozen Pop Problem

I had a phone call from a Texas mom last week. She was concerned about the interaction she had with her child’s camp director at the end of the summer and wanted my professional opinion on it. Her seven year old had attended a day camp for six weeks. He adored this camp and so did she. She had no complaints…except one. Every single day after camp the kid was given a bright red, green, yellow or purple frozen pop as a snack. She knew those frozen pops had high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes and preservatives. At the end of the six weeks, she approached the director. The mom […]

Let’s Change School Food

Here is a recent blog I wrote for Peas of Mind terrific food company in San Francisco focused on healthy frozen foods that are not only nutritious, but delicious. THANKS Peas of Mind for asking me to blog and for all the wonderful work you do to keep kids healthy.   Here is the link:   Here is the article:   We are thrilled about the changes happening to school food menus across the country, like the addition of Veggie Wedgies in place of the deep-fried standard! At the same time, there are more improvements to be made, but what specifically is next? That is the big question. So […]

How to Nutritionally Charge a Lunch

My kids are attending camp this summer. Many parents I know (myself included) pack lunch for their kids, but some do not and order lunches. Here is part of an e-mail I received directed towards those parents that may order lunches. “We have heard your requests and have worked hard to provide your campers with a more nutritionally balanced lunch. Please take a look at all the new items. Also new this year, we are offering an alternative lunch everyday. If you see something on the menu that your child may not eat, you may opt to order an alternative lunch for that day which consists of a bagel, cream […]

The Dirt Cup

A letter I sent to MiMi’s Cafe. I hope they invite me to their offices. ______________________________________________________________________________MMay 2, 2011 Adam Baird “Chef Adam” Mimi’s Café General Office 18872 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 400 Irvine, CA 92612 Dear Chef Adam,My kids were on spring break last week. We needed a nice lunch before we were meeting some friends at a local petting zoo. Luckily, there was one of your Mimi’s Cafés on the way so we decided to stop in. I am familiar with your menu and as a registered dietitian, I appreciate and value the calorie levels listed on the foods you serve. And may I say this; your staff is lovely. […]

Keeping Sugar Off the Field

Here is a letter I wrote to the Laguna Beach Independent about the sugary snacks parents are bringing to Little League games. Many local parents have come to me upset about this issue. They feel trapped; some of the parents bringing the unhealthy snacks are their best friends! My husband told me there were never snacks at his practices and games when he was growing up. The larger question in my mind is, “Why do we even need to snack these kids?” With all due respect folks, are the kids training hard for over an hour? Are they Olympic hopefuls? If the answer is yes, then by all means…bring snacks. […]

Life is Dyed

Catch the news about food dyes lately? I’ll bring you up to speed with an article and video. I tried to do my part today by writing Quaker Oats about their Life Cereal, which, by the way, is delicious. I hope I hear from them soon. ________________________________________________ March 30, 2011 Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo John Compton, CEO, PepsiCo Americas Food The Quaker Oats Company P.O. Box 049003 Chicago, Illinois 60604-9003 Dear Ms. Nooyi and Mr. Compton, Here are the reasons why I have been a fan of Life Cereal: 1.) Your cereal is DELICIOUS. (Of all your Life Cereal varieties, our favorite has been the […]

I Struggle Too

I was out and about with my three year old daughter today running errands at a local mall. At around noon she announced she was hungry. This is a big deal because this child is not that interested in food; she prefers to run, climb or play babies. I rushed down to the local food court, which was my only choice in food, to respond to her hunger like a good mom (pediatric dietitian) should. She decided on pasta that had a very light tomato and cheese sauce. I went with the usual, Paradise Bakery Café’s Fire Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup. YUM! I would never even think about ordering a […]

Response From Old Navy

I heard from Gap, Inc. regarding my letter I wrote to their CEO and President.  My kids and I had an experience at Old Navy that I am sure many other mothers will experience across this country.  To my surprise, there were rows and rows of candy tactfully displayed at my local Old Navy’s checkout line. Read my original letter to them at “Dear Old Navy“. Here is the response I received: March 4, 2011 Dear Ms. Silverman Thank you for your letter to Glenn Murphy and Tom Wyatt regarding your recent visit to Old Navy.  As I am responsible for a portion of executive correspondence, your communication was forwarded […]

Dear Old Navy

I sent this letter today based on what happened to me yesterday. _________________________________________________________________ February 23, 2011 Glenn Murphy, CEO Gap, Inc. Tom Wyatt, President Old Navy 2 Folsom Street San Francisco, California 94105 Dear Mr. Murphy and Mr. Wyatt, I bought the CUTEST clothes for my kids at Old Navy yesterday.  My daughter needed some shirts and my son needed pants.  I’ll be honest with you, Old Navy is always my first stop in a shopping center when I need something for them.  Your company knows clothes and it shows.My kids were with me yesterday at your store. They were behaving beautifully, until we got up to the check out […]