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Here Comes the Halloween Candy

I love this time of year.  You want to know why?  I love everything about the pumpkin.  I love how it looks. I love how it tastes.  And I love roasted pumpkin seeds with all that flavor, fiber, zinc and Vitamin E.  It’s a dietitian’s dream snack. Let’s be honest.  Not all snacks in October are chock full of nutrients.  With pumpkins comes Halloween and with Halloween comes….CANDY!  Because I work in the kid nutrition business parents frequently ask me,  “How do I handle candy at Halloween?”.  You have to do what is comfortable for you and your home.  Here is a sampling of what many of the families I meet do: 1.)  Let them eat […]

Sugary Snacks

Are your kids playing soccer this fall? What is the snack situation? Are families signing up to bring snacks to each game? Get ready.  It can be a festival of sugar;  sugar your kids do not need. I wrote this blog last year on the topic. Keeping Sugar Off The Field If you want to take action in your town, take a look at this example of how to make a change. The soccer fields aren’t the only problem.  A mom brought piled high frosted cupcakes to my daughter’s gymnastics class yesterday.  That’s about 200 calories (maybe more) that post-cartwheeling kids do not need.  Oh…and then there were lollipops […]

Response From Old Navy

I heard from Gap, Inc. regarding my letter I wrote to their CEO and President.  My kids and I had an experience at Old Navy that I am sure many other mothers will experience across this country.  To my surprise, there were rows and rows of candy tactfully displayed at my local Old Navy’s checkout line. Read my original letter to them at “Dear Old Navy“. Here is the response I received: March 4, 2011 Dear Ms. Silverman Thank you for your letter to Glenn Murphy and Tom Wyatt regarding your recent visit to Old Navy.  As I am responsible for a portion of executive correspondence, your communication was forwarded […]

Dear Old Navy

I sent this letter today based on what happened to me yesterday. _________________________________________________________________ February 23, 2011 Glenn Murphy, CEO Gap, Inc. Tom Wyatt, President Old Navy 2 Folsom Street San Francisco, California 94105 Dear Mr. Murphy and Mr. Wyatt, I bought the CUTEST clothes for my kids at Old Navy yesterday.  My daughter needed some shirts and my son needed pants.  I’ll be honest with you, Old Navy is always my first stop in a shopping center when I need something for them.  Your company knows clothes and it shows.My kids were with me yesterday at your store. They were behaving beautifully, until we got up to the check out […]