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Soccer Snack Response

This is a terrific letter I received from a parent about the letter to the editor I wrote in the Laguna Beach Independent this week. —————————————————————————————– Melanie, Great letter in the Indy this week,  I really appreciate you taking a public stance on this topic. I have always despised snack time for many reasons–garbage, kids care more about the snack than the game, etc.I’d like to change the attitude and focus of the “Parent Snack” in all sports.  Instead of it being viewed as a treat for after the game I want the snack to be a source of energy and hydration during the game.  Your recommendation for fresh fruits […]

Alton Brown’s Sockeye Salmon

June 10, 2012 Dear Mr. Alton Brown, I owe you a big thanks.  For years I have bought sockeye salmon and have tried numerous times to cook that darn fish the right way. I failed miserably until I found your Broiled Sockeye Salmon with Citrus Glaze.  THIS RECIPE IS DELICIOUS! So thanks a bunch.  If you have any questions related to kids’ nutrition like picky eating, food allergies, or weight management, you just let me know.  I owe you big time for the recipe. Best, Melanie R. Silverman MS, RD, IBCLC

Merage JCC Dietitian

Several months ago I was hired as the dietitian for the Merage JCC in Irvine, California to provide adult and pediatric nutritional care. The experience has been wonderful. Here is an excerpt of an article published in Orange County Jewish Life this month. _____________________________________________________ Recently, Melanie Silverman, MS, RD, IBCLC, was hired as the JCC’s dietitian and began working with the 75 participants of the J’s popular and successful Largest Loser program. Jason Meyers, the JCC health and wellness director, said that, “Melanie is now working with our members because diet is one of the most important components to living a vibrant lifestyle. We want to have an environment where […]

Breakfast This Morning

I made oatmeal, roasted almonds and white raisins and a little kale smoothie on the side for breakfast this morning.  One kid ate it.  One kid didn’t.  The one that didn’t politely asked for something else.  I lovingly said no and explained this was breakfast.  The kid chose not to eat and went to school.  I didn’t say a thing.  This is the division of responsibility in action; you provide the food, the child decides whether they eat…or not.  Please don’t become a short order cook.

Response From Old Navy

I heard from Gap, Inc. regarding my letter I wrote to their CEO and President.  My kids and I had an experience at Old Navy that I am sure many other mothers will experience across this country.  To my surprise, there were rows and rows of candy tactfully displayed at my local Old Navy’s checkout line. Read my original letter to them at “Dear Old Navy“. Here is the response I received: March 4, 2011 Dear Ms. Silverman Thank you for your letter to Glenn Murphy and Tom Wyatt regarding your recent visit to Old Navy.  As I am responsible for a portion of executive correspondence, your communication was forwarded […]

Dear Old Navy

I sent this letter today based on what happened to me yesterday. ______________________________________________________________________________ February 23, 2011Glenn Murphy, CEO Gap, Inc. Tom Wyatt, President Old Navy 2 Folsom Street San Francisco, California 94105Dear Mr. Murphy and Mr. Wyatt, I bought the CUTEST clothes for my kids at Old Navy yesterday.  My daughter needed some shirts and my son needed pants.  I’ll be honest with you, Old Navy is always my first stop in a shopping center when I need something for them.  Your company knows clothes and it shows.My kids were with me yesterday at your store. They were behaving beautifully, until we got up to the check out line.  And […]