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I Love a Good Breakfast

There are two reasons why my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  First, I’m about the biggest omelet and pancake fan around.  Second, breakfast provides some wonderful opportunities to insert important vitamins, minerals and fiber from fruits and vegetables for your family.    Kids may be more accepting of certain fruits and vegetables when they become part of some basic breakfast fare. Try these ideas: 1.)  EGGS:  Scramble eggs with spinach and cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms or avocado and lean ham. 2.)  PANCAKES:  Whip up whole wheat pancakes with a sprinkle of ground flax seeds.  Add blueberries, bananas or sweet potato (Sweet potato pancakes are divine!  Make them this week.) […]

Alton Brown’s Sockeye Salmon

June 10, 2012 Dear Mr. Alton Brown, I owe you a big thanks.  For years I have bought sockeye salmon and have tried numerous times to cook that darn fish the right way. I failed miserably until I found your Broiled Sockeye Salmon with Citrus Glaze.  THIS RECIPE IS DELICIOUS! So thanks a bunch.  If you have any questions related to kids’ nutrition like picky eating, food allergies, or weight management, you just let me know.  I owe you big time for the recipe. Best, Melanie R. Silverman MS, RD, IBCLC

Breakfast This Morning

I made oatmeal, roasted almonds and white raisins and a little kale smoothie on the side for breakfast this morning.  One kid ate it.  One kid didn’t.  The one that didn’t politely asked for something else.  I lovingly said no and explained this was breakfast.  The kid chose not to eat and went to school.  I didn’t say a thing.  This is the division of responsibility in action; you provide the food, the child decides whether they eat…or not.  Please don’t become a short order cook.