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General Mills Response

I wrote a letter to the CEO of General Mills, Kendall J. Powell, asking him to remove Trix, Monsters and Lucky Charms cereals from their product line. You can find the original letter posted at this blog entitled DEAR GENERAL MILLS. Below is the response from the company to me. I welcome and appreciate your comments on their response._____________________________________________________________ Dear ADA Member,As a long-time sponsor of the American Dietetic Association, we thought you may be interested to see the summary of our 2010 General Mills Corporate Social Responsibility report. It provides a quick snapshot of the progress we’ve made over the past year to live our mission of Nourishing Lives […]

School Lunch

Do your kids eat school lunch? Do you pack their lunches? Feel free to share your thoughts with me about what you do and why. Here is an article I wrote on the topic for our local paper, The Laguna Beach Independent.______________________________________________________ FOOD FOR THOUGHT ON LUNCHES published September 10, 2010 Laguna Beach IndependentYou might have read that the U.S. Senate approved the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which allocates $4.5 billion to feed more children and bring more healthful nutrition standards to schools. Would it surprise you to know that $4.5 billion equates to only six cents more per child per day? Current reimbursement rates give schools $2.68 for each […]

Dear General Mills

I was at the store reading a food label for Trix cereal. I went home and wrote this letter to the CEO of General Mills because he needs to hear from me. ______________________________________________________________________________September 7, 2010General Mills Kendall J. Powell Chairman, President and CEO 1 General Mills Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55426Dear Mr. Powell,As a pediatric dietitian, I want to thank you for some of the cereals your company sells. Because I provide nutritional counseling for children from birth through adolescence, I carefully consider each and every product I endorse based on my clients’ needs. These are the General Mills products I promote most often:Cheerios: This is a good source of fiber, […]